Discovering the Animal with the Most Teeth in the World

One interesting thing about animals that people don’t always notice is how their teeth are arranged. An animal’s teeth are very important to its life. They help it hunt, chew, defend itself, and even court. But have you ever thought about which animal has the most teeth? This piece will go into great detail about this interesting question, shedding light on different candidates and revealing the ultimate winner of dental diversity.

Introduction to Dental Diversity

The animal world is full of different kinds of animals, and those different kinds of animals have different kinds of teeth. Teeth have changed over millions of years to do different things, and some species have gone even further in changing their teeth to do even more. There are a lot of animals that could be the “animal with the most teeth,” but first, let’s talk about why their teeth are built in such different ways.

The Purpose of Teeth

Teeth are not just for chewing food; they serve a myriad of functions in the animal kingdom. Some animals use their teeth for:

  1. Chewing and Digestion: Most animals use their teeth to break down food into smaller, more digestible pieces.
  2. Hunting and Defense: Predators use their teeth to capture and immobilize prey, while others employ them for self-defense.
  3. Communication: Certain species use their teeth to create sounds for communication, such as warning calls or mating rituals.
  4. Social Hierarchy: In some animal groups, teeth play a role in establishing dominance and hierarchy within a group.

Now that we understand the multifaceted roles of teeth in the animal kingdom, let’s dive into the contenders for the title of the animal with the most teeth.

The Dental Champions

The Polyphyodonts

Polyphyodonts are a special group of animals because they repair their teeth over and over again as they age. They have an edge when it comes to sheer numbers because they can grow new teeth so quickly. Polyphyodonts are fish like the Great White Shark, which can have up to tens of thousands of teeth over the course of its life. Having said that, they are not the animal with the most teeth.

The “Toothed” Whales

Whales with many teeth, like the Sperm Whale and the Orca, are known for having some of the strongest teeth in the animal kingdom. These animals have a lot of sharp teeth that they mostly use to hunt food. Even though they have more teeth than some animals, their teeth are not very different from one another.

The Ultimate Dental Marvel

The Garden Eel is the animal with the most teeth in the world. These small, unnoticeable sea creatures have an amazing number of teeth. As many as a hundred teeth can be found in the tiny lips of Garden Eels. A group of Garden Eels can have as many as tens of thousands or even more than a thousand teeth.

The Fascinating Adaptations

The Garden Eel’s many tooth changes are necessary for it to stay alive. These eels dig holes in the ocean floor and only leave their heads out in the water to catch plankton that floats by on the current. Their many teeth make it easier for them to grab and eat their food.


Dental variety is an interesting thing about animals that most people don’t notice. A lot of different species have changed their teeth to fit their needs, but the Garden Eel has the most teeth of any animal in the world. These seemingly harmless animals have shown the huge range of adaptations that exist in the animal world by using hundreds or even thousands of teeth.


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