Weird Gen Z Trends We’ll Never Understand

Recording Suspect Behavior

Gen Zers record everything for posterity, and upload even suspicious videos to their favorite social media platforms.

Romanticising Mental Illness

Mental illnesses are severe medical conditions, but some from Gen Z seem to think they’re “cute” or “quirky.”

All the Labels

“Millennials fought a crusade to do away with labels. You’re a person and can do whatever you want and don’t need to be labeled,” shared one user.

Reaction Videos

Reaction videos started with the millennial generation, but at that time, they showcased people’s reactions to horror movie jump scares or devastating events on favorite television shows.

Broccoli Cut

Zoomer boys love the “Meet me at Mcdonald’s” haircut, a popular style that looks like a broccoli flower atop the head.

Dreams of Internet Fame

80s kids wanted to be rock stars, and 90s kids wanted to be movie stars. Zoomers wish for internet fame.

Sell Outs

Gen Xers were anti-corporation and anti-establishment, and can’t fathom why the Zoomers all want to sell out.

Tik Tok

TikTok has a scary good algorithm, and it will show you content you genuinely do want to see, and that’s why it’s bad because it sucks you into rabbit holes and stops you from leaving.

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