Millennials Mid-Life Crisis: Gen Yers Share Their Reactions to Middle-Age Blues

Millennials Mid Life Crisis

Gen Y faces the same struggles with middle age as the early generations. Here, they share their struggles and the bad decisions they’ve made when faced with their own mortality.

Trying Junk

Millennials who grew up fast didn’t have the opportunity to explore their passions. Now they’re throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks with tennis lessons, open mic nights, and learning to play an instrument.

And Splurging On It

They’re not just taking a $20 lesson. They’re buying $ 5,000 drum sets, getting new degrees, and spending all their money on supplies for their new hobby.

Burned Out

After 9/11, they had to deal with a huge financial disaster, endless wars, COVID-19, high inflation, and wages that didn't go up. They're worn out. 

Ready To Quit

Many nearing the midpoint of their careers are ready to throw in the towel. “I’m ready to quit my great career and be a stay-at-home mom and open an Etsy shop,” shared one.


The ever-increasing quest for more profits and greater productivity leaves many millennials exhausted. Even those who didn’t have kids struggle to manage.

Caring for Ailing Parents

Many Millennials are trapped in the sandwich that comes with middle age. They’re caring for ailing parents while trying to maintain their careers and raise their own kids.

A Perfume Collection

One Millennial shared that they bought over 400 different perfume scents in the past three years as a way of coping with the collection of neverending crises.


Quite a few Millennials decided modern society doesn’t work, so they left it all to build their own life on a homestead.


Some Millennials decided it’s time to travel the world. With the growing climate crises, pending wars, and rise of fascism, we might not have the opportunity in a few years.

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