Bob's Big Boy – Los Angeles, California

If you're a fan of double-decker hamburgers, then you need to give Bob's Big Burger in Los Angeles a visit. The famous burger joint, which has seen the likes of The Beatles walk through its doors, started in 1936 after a man named Bob Wian sold his car and bought a ten-stool lunch stand.

Ellen's Stardust Diner – New York, New York

For a truly unique dining experience, visit Ellen's Stardust Diner right in the heart of New York City. This one-of-a-kind spot first opened in 1987 and is considered the city's first 50s-themed diner. It's also famously known for its singing waitstaff, dubbed The Stardusters.

The Original Pantry Cafe – Los Angeles, California

No visit to L.A. is complete without stopping by The Original Pantry, located on South Figueroa Street. The renowned restaurant started as a small 15-stool space in 1924 and is now synonymous with weekend brunches and late-night dining.

The Varsity – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta's famous downtown diner (and once-upon-a-time drive-in), The Varsity, has been whipping up chili dogs, cheeseburgers, tasty french fries, and chicken nuggets since it opened all the way back in 1928.

Brent's Drugs – Jackson, Mississippi

A beloved diner and soda fountain since the 1940s, Brent's Drugs is an old-school classic. Started by pharmacist Alvin Brent over 70 years ago, the popular eatery boasts vibrant blue booths, a checkerboard-esque floor, chrome stools, and a neon sign out front.

Peggy Sue's 50's Diner – Yermo, California

Peggy Sue's 50's Diner in San Bernardino County, Calif., is as retro as they come. The famous diner came about in the 1980s when Champ and Peggy Sue Gardner, a couple from Southern California, decided to move to the Mojave Desert and renovate an old roadside diner that dated back to the 1950s.

59er Diner – Leavenworth, Washington

Plan to have at least one meal at the 59er Diner if you ever find yourself in Leavenworth, Wash. A total blast from the past, this beloved diner serves fresh eggs from its very own chickens, uses seasonal produce sourced from its own farm and local farmers, and even has a working jukebox that you can play old-school tunes on.

Mel's Drive-In – Various Locations

Mel's Drive-In is known as an American classic, and for a good reason. Started in 1947, Mel's Drive-In began as a carhop in San Francisco and, at one point, was estimated to be making up to 20,000 burgers a day during the 1950s.

Lou Mitchell's – Chicago, Illinois

In Chicago and don't know where to eat? Two words: Lou Mitchell's. The beloved diner, which got its start over a century ago, has been serving up excellent egg dishes, toasty sandwiches, and refreshing salads (the Hollywood salad bowl with Julienne turkey sounds pretty good) to politicians, celebrities, and more throughout the years.

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