Spray Cheese

It's a bit of a long stretch to name these products ‘cheese,’ but go to any local supermarket and you’ll see rows of this rather questionable product.


Many find its gelatinous texture and salty, processed flavor unappetizing.

Sloppy Joe

The consumption of sloppy joes is on the decline; once popular throughout school canteens, they are no longer the go-to lunchtime preference for parents

Snow Cones

It may seem like a refreshing treat on a hot summer day, but for many, it's a disappointing dessert.

Deep-fried Butter

It sounds unnecessary; it is unnecessary! Often found at state fairs and carnivals, it’s a novelty food that many find repulsive.

Root Beer

While some enjoy its overly sweet flavor with hints of wintergreen and vanilla, others find it off-putting.

Hawaiian Pizza

Add pineapple to an Italian’s pizza, and he might feel obliged to slap you in the face. It might be one of the worst contributions to the world of pizza and almost certainly the biggest insult to Italian cuisine.

Donut Burger Buns

Donut burger buns might seem like a fun twist on a classic, but for many, they're a culinary abomination.

American Bread

A common conundrum amongst American consumers is why the quality of bread is so bad.

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