8 Common Baby Boomer Characteristics in the Workplace

1. Avoiding retirement

Baby boomers might continue to work after retirement age, but they often aim to change how, when and where they work. Some baby boomers are leaving the companies they worked for in favor of a part-time position, volunteer work or creative pursuits.

2. Valuing workplace visibility

The baby boomer generation may be less likely to embrace remote work or work-from-home options than younger people. For baby boomers, visibility is important.

3. Self-sufficiency

The parents of the baby boomer generation stressed that they needed to work hard to attain their desires, making them incredibly self-sufficient, which is ideal for many workplaces.

4. Effective decision-making skills

The hard work and focus of the baby boomer generation result in many boomers valuing objective and rational decision-making.

5. Equating authority with experience

For many baby boomers, authority stems from experience. Because of this, some baby boomers may be more likely to trust someone who's older and has been in the field for several years, as opposed to someone younger and newer.

6. Competitiveness

Since the baby boom triggered a steep rise in the population, this generation experienced competition for jobs when they reached working age.

7. Attaining self-worth from their jobs

Baby boomers often heavily focus on their families and hobbies, but they also consider their jobs to be a significant defining characteristic of their identity.

8. Optimism and realism

Baby boomers often possess ideals that coincide with the American Dream, which states that anyone can achieve their goals with hard work.

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