Large Teased Bun

Volume is the key to making fine strands appear thicker than they really are. Her teased crown and large bun make it look like she has a ton of hair.

Soft Hairstyle with Pinned Ends

Updos for thin hair are usually best when they are soft and aerial. An updo with whipped waves and loosely pinned sections pumps up your mane, no matter how fine your locks are.

Elegant Pinned Back Updo

How chic is this hairstyle? Not only is it elegant, but it’s also stylish and flattering for fine hair. Loosely twisting and pinning small sections of hair, you create a more voluminous updo full of air, but who knows it’s air and not hair?

Messy French Roll

This modern take on a classic French roll is elegant, yet not overdone. If your hair is naturally straight, use a large curling iron to create waves and spin your hair back, leaving a few locks to frame your face.

Curly Loose Updo

Wedding hairstyles for thin hair should work with your locks, not fight against them. Her hairdo elegantly sweeps the length of her hair into a low curly bun.

Low Knot with a Flower Piece

It doesn’t get more romantic than wearing flowers in your hair! Organize your hair in a messy bun with a few thin strands down your neck.

Classy Updo with Highlights

Highlights on thin hair are always fun to play with. Just look at how the texture of fine tresses is defined in this lovely updo. Ideal for every hair type!

Twisted Asymmetrical Bun

We can’t take our eyes off of this amazing asymmetrical bun! If you want to create one yourself, use a texturizing spray to add fullness and grit to your hair.

Sleek Knot with Pearl Barrettes

To achieve this sleek look, use a flat iron to make your hair smooth and glossy. It will work well with the hair color and make the pearls stand out even more.

Fancy Sculptured Top Knot

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