10 Things What Generation X and Boomers Miss Most of the Iconic 1980s

1. Golden Age of Arcade Games

Arcades weren’t invented in the 1980s, but older ones had games like Skee ball, mazes, pinball, and baffle ball. The golden age of arcade games combined computing technology and cultural influence to create a movement.

2. Classic Sitcoms

There were fewer channels to watch in those days, but classic sitcoms were thriving on themes that weren’t afraid to touch on challenging or relevant issues.

3. The Birth of MTV

MTV kicked off in August 1981 on cable TV with footage of a shuttle launch, representing the commercial and cultural era of music 80s. It began as a 24-hour platform for rock and roll music videos and promoted hits.

4. Professional Wrestling

There was a surge in professional wrestling in the 1980s with the expansion of cable and pay-per-view. Then-wrestler Vince McMahon promoted wrestling by creating the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF.

5. Neon Lights

Neon lights came back in the 1980s and everywhere looked like Times Square.  Advertisements and signage used neon lighting in an art form that made the 80s unique.

6. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records still boomed in sales in the 1980s, at the end of its golden era, which began in the 1950s when it was the primary way to buy music and was relatively cheap.

7. Live Rock Bands

One person missed the amazing rock nightclub scene of the 80s. It was the last decade when numerous nightclubs were dedicated to having live bands play covers and originals in styles from album-oriented rock (AOR) to hard rock, punk rock, and all types of heavy metal.

8. Punk Scene

The punk scene arrived in the late 1970s but became visible in the 80s. It wasn’t limited to rock music though they had their bands like The Clash.

9. 1980s Music

The modern rock music scene was exciting in the 1980s. It was post-disco and saw the emergence of electronic dance music and new wave.

10. Video Gaming At Home

As technology advanced, video gaming spread to homes in the early 80s on platform systems, including Sega, Nintendo, and Atari.

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