10 Things Everyone Agrees With Boomers That Have Gone Too Far

Touchscreens in Cars

These touchscreens add distractions, pulling our eyes off the road, in contrast to what all drivers were taught to do.

Too Many Subscriptions

Do we really need all those subscriptions? We often share our personal information for many of these monthly dues out of curiosity, try them out, and forget about them.

Owning Physical Media

Many prefer permanently owning their books, movies, music, and video games rather than paying for subscriptions that may not always have the same offerings.

Bring Back Human Operators

They may save money for companies by answering your questions by repeating them over and over, but they can add frustration.

Loud Music In Bars and Retailers

One shared that music should enhance your experience, not drown out your hearing, making it virtually impossible to hear friends.

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is in high demand from young people looking for affordable clothing that is copied from high fashion. They are mass-produced quickly and often poorly by companies selling them for lower prices without stress testing, using cheap synthetic fabrics that help to keep their costs down.

Too Many Apps

That is not just the  Boomers’ opinion, but many online compared the ridiculous and sublime ways people are being pushed to download apps for kitchen appliances, making things more confusing.

Usernames and Passwords

Creating new accounts for all those subscriptions and apps comes with another frustration: usernames and passwords. Boomers and generations that preceded them never had to provide their personal information to set up many accounts requiring login information.

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