Golden-Bronde Bob with Piecey Layers

A rounded silhouette, clean lines, and a slightly tousled appearance are the hallmarks of this shaggy bob.

Short Chocolate Bob with Feathered Layers

Add some height to your short shag; tease the crown section and have a little poof with your tousle! The feathery bangs and layered side pieces curve towards the cheekbones and frame the face in a classy, dramatic fashion.

Tapered Shag Haircut

A tapered shag haircut is among the favorite short shag haircuts, typically falling around shoulder length. With its messy shag texture, this short hair with bangs embodies a laid-back yet stylish vibe.

Short Sliced Inverted Bob

Short shag hairstyles are popular with women of all ages because they’re versatile, modern and feminine. The sliced inverted bob is a perfect example of the cut that shows off the sensual shoulder line and lifts the face.

Crazy Curls

Bedhead is all the rage because it truly embodies that “I woke up like this” flawless feeling that Beyonce describes.

Short Warm Blonde Shag

The great thing about shaggy hairstyles is that they have a range of aesthetics depending on how they’re worn.

Piece-y Golden Bob with Silver Highlights

A mixture of blonde and silver in a piece-y texture does an excellent job of framing the face. The swoopy peek-a-boo bangs drop past the chin, barely touching the cheek.

Dusty Lavender Short Shag

Shag hair styles are complemented flawlessly by dusty shades like lavender — the unconventional cut pairs well with subdued shades.

Jaw-Length Shaggy Bob

For the girly girl with a hipster-chic style, short shag hairstyles that are jaw-length are calling your name.

Short Sliced Metallic-Blonde Bob

The sliced white-blonde highlights are sizzling hot on this straight hair bob. A slight upward flip of the side pieces makes this short shag cut also a bit flirty and suitable for women of all ages.

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