That’s for Old People! Millennials Share the Things That Screamed “Boomer”

Certain Car Brands

The word "old" is in the name of the company, Oldsmobile. But millennials also think of Buicks and Mercurys as cars for older people, even though Buick has tried to change this image.

And Land Boats

A particular style of car screams, “I’m old.”  The sleek, modern design of a stylish sedan has nothing on the beloved landboats of the ’70s and ’80s.

Thick, White Shoes

Older folks care more about comfort than fashion. The ugly white shoes with thick soles must feel like walking on clouds.

Danish Cookie Tins

Why did all millennial grandparents have that blue tin for Danish cookies, and why did none of the tins have actual cookies inside?

Nightly News

The evening news caters to old folks who still get their news from television rather than the internet.

Cup Holders

The silent generation was happy to have cars, but our Boomer parents insisted that those cars come fully equipped with cup holders.

Hard Candies

Whether it be Whethers Originals, peppermints, or those nasty strawberry things, you can expect to find jars full of hard candy well past its prime at any older person’s home.

Must See TV

Old people’s sitcoms were a staple of network television in the 90s. Boomers settled down with Cheers, Fraiser, Mad About You, and Mash while their kids groaned.

Plastic Coverings

We can understand why our grandmas and aunts had the plastic cover on the couch when we came over. Kids have a nasty habit of destroying stuff.

Game Shows

Game shows like The Price is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune attract an older crowd hoping to win big someday.

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