Boomer Parent Thinks Adult Child Should Work for Free

The disconnect between Boomer parents and their millennial children grows ever wider each day.

One such child came to Reddit after getting bizarre advice from their mom about the value of hard work.

Do Overtime for Free

The Original Poster (OP) said their mom advised them to work seven extra hours of overtime – for nothing.

Work 15 Hours

OP’s mom thinks they should work 15 hours of overtime each week, the eight they’re allowed, and an extra seven hours for free.

Is Mom Right?

OP scoffed at the idea, knowing full well that companies don’t care about hard work, but it left a nagging sensation tickling the back of their mind.

Mom Living in the Past

Maybe showing up and working longer, unpaid hours worked in the 1980s (though it was still illegal for companies to not pay you for hours worked), but it doesn’t work anymore.

The Reward is More Work

Bosses do love it when employees step in to do more work, but the reward is often more work rather than recognition or promotions.

Never Work for Free

The Boomer mindset that we must work for free to reap rewards must end. We work because we get paid to do a job, plain and simple.

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