One of the interesting things I’ve noticed with having good posture is that as soon as you straighten your back when sitting, most other people around you will automatically do it too.

Genuinely Smile

Practice making a genuine-looking smile in the mirror that looks happy, and sincere. You’ll be amazed at how much more people will perceive you as beautiful—even if subconsciously.

Gratitude Over Complaining

Now while we’re still on the subject of talking, let’s talk about complaining because this is one of the “do not’s” when learning how to be beautiful.

Quiet Confidence

Have you ever had the opportunity to show a loved one something you were proud of? Maybe it was a beautiful craft, drawing, song, or accomplishment that you just knew they’d appreciate.

Stay in a Group of Friends

So want to know how to be more beautiful? Hang out with people you love.

Pay Attention and Mimic

One of the more surprising ways to be beautiful, a study has shown (and it has been found in other studies too) that discreetly mimicking a person’s body language can make you appear more beautiful.

Emphasize Your Facial Symmetry

And by that I mean the left side of our faces looks a bit different from the right: maybe our noses are slightly crooked, or our lips don’t curl out totally symmetrically, or one of our eyes is slightly bigger than the other or is slightly higher up our face than the other, etc.

Work on Your Hair

Not everyone’s hair is the same. Simply reading the instructions on the shampoo bottle that say “lather, rinse, repeat” won’t cut it for everyone! Here are some beauty tips for those wondering how to get beautiful hair.

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