While a homemade muffin or bread may be easier on your waistline, commercially prepared pastries often pack in excess sugar and come with a high calorie count.


You may be surprised to see such a popular breakfast staple on this list of inflammatory foods that can cause belly fat.


A single can of regular soda contains about 40 grams of added sugar, an amount that exceeds the daily recommendation of the American Heart Association. Research shows that excessive dietary sugar can increase body inflammation and lead to insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is another one of the worst inflammatory foods that can cause belly fat. This common snack has one thing going for it: fiber. Popcorn is a source of essential fiber, but it often comes along with loads of sodium and trans fat.


The last of these inflammatory foods that cause belly fat is chips. Another salty, crunch snack that could be leading to inflammation and belly fat, chips are notorious for their sodium content.

Mixed Drinks

Another drink that is likely destroying your abs, sugary alcoholic drinks provide a double whammy of abdominal inflammation. A single margarita can easily have over 30 grams of added sugar, contributing to inflammation and belly fat.

White Bread

A staple in many households, white bread is not known for being a nutrient-dense food. Some options contain small amounts of added sugar, but the bigger culprit here is the low fiber content.

Meal Replacement Bars

Although these options make it easy to get calories when you are busy or on the go, they often don't contain the best ingredients. Many have added sugar, a known inflammatory ingredient that could be leading to belly fat, and may also contain trans fat and little to no fiber.

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