Romantic Messy French Twist

Relaxed French twist hairstyles are our favorite! Featuring lots of wispy bits, they bring tons of body to your hair.

Sophisticated Airy Updo

If you’re getting ready for a fancy party or a special event, this hairdo will make you feel super confident. Here, hair is teased and gathered on top in a high bun, front locks being styled to accentuate and draw attention to your appearance.

Cute Textured Updo with Curls

If you love the airy texture, try this lightweight textured curly low bun – an epitome of charm and elegance! Plus, it is one of the updos that can be achieved on shoulder-length hair.

Updo with Lightweight Curls

Twisted updos with 90s Pamela Anderson vibes are all the rage now. You may try to DIY it following one of Instagram tutorials.

Textured Low Bun for Long Hair

Here is a classy textured updo that’s so popular in 2024. Getting a double bun is a good way to pull up long hair. Let a few fringe locks frame your face and showcase the soft movement of your natural curls.

Charming Crown Braid

Apart from those gorgeous twisted updos and bun variations, you can embrace this textured crown braid. Decorate it with delicate floral clips to enhance some romance in this look and make it a perfect suit for a wedding ceremony.

High-Dimension Textured Low Bun

Textured updos like this one require mastery and understanding of modern updo techniques, so it’s better to look through the works of your stylist to see if they will be able to recreate this type of hairstyle

Eye-Catching Braided Updo

This low bun with double fishtail braids on the side is a perfect hairstyle for a special event that will emphasize your creativity.

Voluminous Bridal High Updo

The riot of playful curls and bright blonde color – this is how we would describe this dynamic updo. Greater volume and texture in your strands are very welcome according to bridal hair trends.

Textured Bun Updo with Accent Braid

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