Spicy Bourbon Pumpkin Smash

Homemade pumpkin spice syrup, orange juice, bitters, ginger beer, and your bourbon of choice all come together to make this Spicy Pumpkin Smash.

Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned

You can't go wrong with a cocktail made up of toasty vanilla, spicy chai, and warming bourbon. Keep your guests feeling cozy or make this one for you and your loved ones to make the long winter nights a bit brighter.

Brown Sugar Bourbon Smash

This Brown Sugar Bourbon Smash feels like the cocktail version of your favorite holiday desserts, with flavors like ginger, brown sugar, apple, and cinnamon.

A Long Winter's Nap

This bourbon cocktail, appropriately called A Long Winter's Nap, can be served either chilled or hot and features a satisfying combination of flavors of maple, ginger, anise, lemon, cinnamon, and bourbon.

Winter Bourbon Smash

A typical bourbon smash would be made with freshly muddled fruit, but this Winter Bourbon Smash uses fruit preserves, as well as orange juice and triple sec, to save you time and still provide a burst of comforting flavors for the chilly months ahead.


You can sip on a Boulevardier year-round, but this simple bourbon-based recipe featuring orange, Campari, and sweet vermouth can warm your insides right up during the coldest months.

Chili Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy

A hot toddy is a classic winter beverage for when you need to warm up, and it's also a popular cold remedy for those who want a little kick of bourbon to help them feel better.

Bourbon Lemon Rosemary Sour

This bourbon cocktail is one of the lighter, more refreshing options on the list, for those who don't want something super heavy and boozy.

Cranberry Bourbon Sour

Another take on a whisky sour, but this time with the seasonal flavor of cranberry and orange. This one also goes great with a sprig of candied rosemary on top, which is a move that will make you look like a professional bartender with very little effort at all.

Hot Buttered Bourbon

Hot buttered bourbon is a delicious cozy drink that will warm you right up from the inside out. It combines apple cider, butter, a variety of spices, honey, and bourbon, and this drink can be stored in the refrigerator and reheated again whenever you'd like.

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